Everyday Mistakes We Make Concerning Our Vision

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Is it possible we take our eyes for granted?   Every day many of us unknowingly perform actions that could potentially damage these important windows into the world we live in.  Here are some common mistakes to look out for in order to preserve the health of our eyes.

With computers increasingly becoming the norm in the workplace and home, we find ourselves constantly staring into computer screens along with other visual technology.   This is leading to the overworking of our eyes, which can lead to dryness, weakening of the retina and can eventually cause blurred vision. Reading in dark areas can make this worse. Computer use in a well-lit room will help your eyes not strain as much.  Also try to always be in an upright position while as this reduces strain as well and avoid reading while traveling in a car.

Rubbing your eyes can also be bad for your vision as it can tear the very fragile layers underneath your eyelids. Try splashing your eyes with cool water to relieve frequent itching. Blinking while reading or focusing can also relieve tiredness or soreness in the eyes.

Contact lenses not used correctly can be very detrimental to your eyesight.  Contact wearers should remove lenses before going to sleep at night and replaced if worn over an eight hour period. The lubrication on these small lenses can dry out and scratch your retinas and irritate the eye, making it difficult to see. Use your contact lens solution to clean out the lenses after use and wash your eyes out so they’re ready for the next day’s application.

Poor makeup can also negatively affect vision. The oils and other ingredients of eye makeup can scratch or blur even if used correctly. Stick to higher quality eye makeup whenever possible and make sure to remove all makeup before sleep. Some products can also cause allergic reactions around the eye.  If you find symptoms of this occurring, such as puffy eyes, immediately remove the makeup and flush your eyes.

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