How often should you take an eye exam?

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A lot of people, especially those who haven’t expressed any symptoms, wonder how often they should get an eye exam Columbus, GA.  Generally, it varies on a few factors.

If someone is wearing glasses or contacts, an eye exam Columbus, GA should be taken every year to ensure that their prescription or medications are still relevant.  Outside of that, an eye exam Columbus, GA is different for many people.

Typically, older folks should get an eye exam Columbus, GA every year at the absolute least.  They have the highest risk of eye problems and many times only an eye exam Columbus, GA will be able to see the problems.  If their vision is particularly bad, they should have an eye exam Columbus, GA every few months.

For those who are younger, getting one is a good idea every year or two.  Between the ages of twenty and forty, people have the lowest risk of eye problems so eye exam Columbus, GA are typically only needed if they have vision problems.

That being said, in most cases, an eye exam Columbus, GA is sometime the only way to diagnose problems regardless of age.  Even those with perfect vision could see than an eye exam brings issues to light they didn’t know they had.  Good eyesight does not necessarily mean good eye health, which is why an eye exam Columbus, GA is so important.

If someone is experiencing a decrease in vision, dry eyes, or an itching, an exam should be taken right away.

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