Your Eyes and the Makeup You Put On Them

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As humans, we have many desires: to be beautiful, to be loved, and sometimes we let these wants override our actual necessities like vision. Everyday millions, if not billions, of women use products to enhance their natural beauty. For some, it’s a daily ritual and can actually be potentially dangerous to our vision. Some eye makeup contains lead, gets too old or hot, or dries out.

To make sure you’re using your eye makeup correctly, here are some tips. Throw out old makeup after a few months. Makeup gets dry and can collect bacteria, so don’t try to moisten it and use it anyway. Never share makeup with your friends or family, because as said, makeup hoards tons of bacteria that can infect your eyes. Always wash your hands before you apply makeup and try not to get makeup on the inside of your eyelid. Brushes can and should be washed daily or at least weekly to protect the skin and eye regions.

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive body parts we have, so they require extra protection. Never apply eye makeup in a moving vehicle. Try to find a mirror so you don’t accidentally scratch your cornea with a mascara wand or makeup applicator. Although shiny, glittery or metallic makeup may be pretty, avoid these products which may scratch or injure your eye.

Last but not least, the importance makeup removal. Makeup at night builds up in the corners of your eyes and leaves deposits affecting your vision. Remove makeup with a wet towel, soap and water or your preference of makeup remover oils. Even the skin around your eyes is very sensitive so be gentle when removing your makeup. Always wash your hands before removing or applying makeup. To learn more about eye safety, contact your optometrist.

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