Temporary repairs for broken eyeglass frames

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When you are a regular user of eyeglasses or spectacles, you realize that the times you spend without them when awake, feels incomplete. But eyeglasses, just like any other physical object,  are also at the risk of breakage and after a certain point of time; it just becomes impossible to wear them unless they go through some repairs. If you are in the vicinity of Eyewear Unlimited, then you are in luck as they can handle and and all kinds of repairs on your eyeglasses and frames.

On certain occasions, you might find yourself at a position where you cannot immediately reach out to any of the eyeglass frame shops in Columbus Georgia. This, however, does not mean that you cannot execute some of your own fixes to your glasses. Let us take a look at how you can do so. If you experience blurred vision on a particular set of glasses, chances are your eyesight has not changed but it’s only some smudge that is causing all the trouble. You can use a good quality micro fibre cloth dipped in cleaning solution to squish away any smudginess. This kind of cloth can be washed with regular laundry as long as you do not use any kind of fabric softener on them.

Opticians all around the world including those who work in Columbus Georgia advice that if you really must repair glasses on your own, the main ingredient is a gentle and soft hand. Trying to screw, unscrew or bend any part of the eyeglass too tightly can result in permanent damage. Some people also have issues with the nose pad adjustment of their glasses. While the best way to go about it would be to visit their optician, the temporary alternative is to gently tighten the screw with which the nose pads are attached.

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