Acanthamoeba- Contact Lens Parasite

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Scientist are now warning that contact lens wearers could now be vulnerable to bugs found in tap water that eats through the eyeball and causes severe blindness.

The bug is called the Acanthamoeba parasite, and it is found in dust, ocean water, in showers and swimming pools.  Reports show that millions of people are at risk worldwide, including the United States.

The actual number of infections caused by Acanthamoeba is small, but for those who are infected, treatment is long, painful and not completely curable.  Some Americans are left blind every year.

According to reports at The British Science Festival in Aberdeen the parasite often feeds on bacteria found on dirty contact lenses and cases.  When the lens is put in the eye, it starts to eat its way through the cornea, the outer layer of the eye, and causes further damage by breeding as it goes.

Symptoms can include itchy and watery eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, swelling of the upper eyelid and extreme pain.  Some opticians say vision can be permanently damaged within a week.

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Almost 100 infections a year are recorded in the United States because people fail to follow the instructions given by their optician and use soiled tap water.

Doctors say the issue usually happens due to non-compliance with their instructions, such as rinsing their cases or lenses in tap water.  Something even as simple as swimming or showering while wearing lenses can increase the risk significantly.

Treatment usually includes Dettol-like eye drops, with patients initially being treated every 20 minutes, day and night and can spend up to three weeks in a hospital.  In some severe cases, patients have to undergo cornea transplant surgery.

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