Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses

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If you have been prescribed contact lenses for vision correction, there are some tips for adjusting. Contact lenses can correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Your eye doctor should provide you with contact lenses that are best for you and make sure you visit regularly to keep your eyes healthy. Here are some tips if you are new to wearing contact lenses.

1. Make sure your hands are clean before applying or taking out your contact lenses.
2. Not only should you clean your lenses before you apply them, you should also make sure your case for your contacts is cleaned as well. Your case should be replaced every 3 months.
3. Make sure you take your contacts out before swimming.
4. Contacts may cause dry eyes, make sure you carry re-wetting drops with you to avoid this.
5. Never allow soaps, hair products, or cosmetics come in contact with your lenses.
6. Do not wear your lenses overnight if you are not instructed to do so. Doing so can cause bacterial infections.
7. If your eyes become red or irritated, do not continue to wear contacts.
8. Have a pair of glasses on hand as well, in case your contacts are uncomfortable or your eyes become irritated.
9. Don’t reuse your contact solution. Make sure it is replaced every time you take your lenses out.
10. Never wet your contact lenses with tap water. Tap water can contain impurities that can cause eye infections. Use the solution your eye doctor recommends.
11. Never share contact lenses with anyone. This can also cause infections.
12. If your contacts have expired, do not use them. Call your eye doctor for another prescription.

Wearing contacts for the first time can be tricky if you are not educated on proper cleaning and handling. Your eye care provider should provide you with instructions on how to do so. It is important to schedule appointments regularly with your eye care specialist to ensure the contacts are working out for you. At Eye Wear Unlimited, we will provide you with the best contacts for you and make sure all your questions are answered when it comes to wearing contacts.

Why Your Eyes Get Worse With Age

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It is hard to rate the importance of the five senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. All work together to bring quality of life and enjoyment. For those of us fortunate enough to have all of them our whole lives—these are necessities. To have had these five our entire life—and then to lose one or some of them is debilitating, but often a reality as we age. Sometimes there are things we can do to prevent vision loss as well as just understanding some of the different reasons we may lose our sight is empowering as we go through difficult changes in our aging bodies.
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Temporary repairs for broken eyeglass frames

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When you are a regular user of eyeglasses or spectacles, you realize that the times you spend without them when awake, feels incomplete. But eyeglasses, just like any other physical object,  are also at the risk of breakage and after a certain point of time; it just becomes impossible to wear them unless they go through some repairs. If you are in the vicinity of Eyewear Unlimited, then you are in luck as they can handle and and all kinds of repairs on your eyeglasses and frames.
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Contacts or Glasses?

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When it comes to vision loss, customers often want to know if they should get contacts or glasses.  People seeking affordable eye care in Columbus, GA should contact a doctor to thoroughly discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both.
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The Benefits Of Contact Lenses

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The Two Purposes of Contact Lenses

The very first usable contact lens was produced in Germany in 1887, and since then, billions of people worldwide have used them. Contact lenses are generally used for two purposes:  one is to correct vision and the other is for cosmetic reasons.
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Decorative Contact Lenses Can Hurt Your Eyes

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Wearing nonprescription decorative contact lenses that make your eyes resemble those of a werewolf or vampire can actually damage your eyes.
Most over-the-counter decorative contact lenses used for Halloween are illegal and could actually damage your eyes.
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Acanthamoeba- Contact Lens Parasite

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Scientist are now warning that contact lens wearers could now be vulnerable to bugs found in tap water that eats through the eyeball and causes severe blindness.
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How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Lenses

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There are many different types of eyeglass lenses available on the market. At Eye Wear Unlimited we can help explain your options and find which are best for your glasses. Eyeglass lenses have advanced very much over the years. The new eyeglass lenses are now thinner, lighter, and more scratch resistant. A few options include polycarbonate lenses, trivex lenses, high index plastic lenses, photochromic lenses, and polarized lenses.

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