5 Tips For Proper Eye Care

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vision– it’s by far one of the most important senses our body has. And proper eye care is essential for keeping them healthy. We as people rely on our eye sight to help us communicate with others and safely live our lives. Sometimes we tend to overlook the proper eye care we need to keep our eyes healthy. Just like any other part of our bodies, our eyes can also be affected by disease and infection. A study has shown that in the United States, eye disease is on the rise. Actually, its expected to effect over 50 million by 2020! But, there are ways to prevent eye damage. The next few tips will help with that!

1. Eye exams! An eye exam is a perfect way to discover the concerns for your vision, if any, and the right approach to improve your eye sight.

2. Check out your family’s history! Sounds a little silly, but have you ever thought about why your Grandfather wears those bifocals? Just like any other disease, eye diseases can be hereditary. Or more likely to occur if your family has a past of bad vision. Some things to look for: Glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.

3. STAY HEALTHY! meaning in your diet and exercise! I know you’ve heard the myth “Carrots are the secret to perfect vision”. It’s wrong! While yes, carrots are good for you, you need to take that extra step in your dieting. Studies show that Vitamin C will help increase the strength of your retina cells. Foods such as Salmon, Eggs, Nuts, and beans are excellent foods to eat to help increase your vision!

4. Protect your eyes from the sun! Make sure you are wearing the proper eye care for your setting! Those harmful rays can really take a toll on your eyes. And did you know that different times in the day can be more harmful? It is said that when the sun rises and sets, the UVB rays are the most harmful because your eyes are exposed to twice the amount of rays, and are said to be more harmful than UVA rays.

5. Cut back on technology! We know, this day and time almost everything revolves around it; your job, communication, entertainment, it’s just a part of life. But there are ways to avoid damaging your eye sight. For example, when using your computer make sure the screen is lowered about 4-8 inches below your eye level. Another tip is to take a look away from your screen, phone or television every few minutes.

There are many other ways to prevent eye damage, the important thing to remember is to do your research, wear the proper eye care and stay healthy!

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