Why are eye exams a MUST?

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Eye exams are often neglected, even when needed. A lot of people do not realize and understand the importance of receiving the required eye exam, especially if an individual already has glasses or contacts. What you do not know is that ignoring your eye exams can actually cause more harm than good.

But what exactly is an eye exam and why is it so important?

One of the main reasons eye exams are so important is to help keep your prescription current and up to date along with checking your eyes for eye diseases. While an eye examination is taking place the eye doctor is doing more than just evaluating your eyes for glasses or contacts. He or she is also checking for eye diseases and other problems that could lead to eye loss. Some of the eye disease checked for are as followed:

– Refractive error- nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This can be corrected with eye wear or surgery.

– Amblyopia- when the eyes are misaligned or when one eye has a much higher degree of refractive error than the other.

– Strabismus- crossed or turned eyes.

– Eye teaming problems- even if your eyes seem to be aligned properly, they may not be working together.

– Focusing problems- can range from incompletely developed focusing skills in children to normal age-related declines in focusing ability.

– Eye diseases- The diseases such as Glaucoma have no early signs, therefor your doctor will check the health of the inside and outside of your eyes.

Along with making sure you don’t have any eye diseases or complications, have a regular eye exam can help lower health costs as well.

Unlimited Eye Wear offers a wonderful eye exams to you and your family. Taking care of your eyes are important and necessary. Contact us today to schedule your eye exam!!

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