Why You Should Get An Eye Exam

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Why You Should Get An Eye Exam

Getting your eyes tested regularly is important because it’s difficult to tell if something is wrong with your eyes because they rarely hurt even when something is amiss. A sight test is crucial to determine the health of your eyes and to help identify early signs of any underlying conditions that might be asymptomatic. Most of these conditions are treatable if detected early.

What To Expect From An Eye Test

An eye test is able to show if your eyesight is good or if you need to start wearing prescription glasses. It also shows if the prescription glasses you’re using are effective or need changing.

Eye tests also incorporate checks that can help identify any signs of eye disease before any symptoms begin cropping up. Some of the health conditions that could affect your eyes include macular degeneration, diabetes, and glaucoma.

How Often Should You Get An Eye Test?

Experts recommend that everyone get an eye exam at least every two years. However, if there are extenuating circumstances involved, such as a pre-existing condition, you could have eye tests performed more frequently.

Some of the individuals that should consider getting eye tests done more often include children who are already wearing prescription glasses, people living with diabetes, individuals over the age of 40 with a family history of glaucoma, and anyone aged over 70 years old.

How Is An Eye Test Carried Out?

The laws that govern how an eye test should be carried out varies from state to state. Ideally, the test should help identify one’s vision level, and whether they need a different prescription for already existing glasses.

Optometrists also examine the area around your eyes other than into your eyes only. They examine to check for signs of an injury, abnormality, and disease in the eyes and surrounding area. Depending on the results of the initial eye test, you might be required to get a consultation with more than one practitioner.

For instance, you might need to see an optometrist who will determine the quality of your eye health and vision. And then consult with a dispensing optician, to fit your prescription glasses.

What To Expect After An Eye Test

The ophthalmic practitioner who examined you should discuss the results with you in a clear and concise manner. They are able to tell you how good or bad your sight is if it needs correcting or further investigation, and the best way to correct it. Once you get your diagnosis and prescription, you can opt to get your glasses done by any supplier of your choice.

Taking Precaution

The use of computers as well as other digital devices for prolonged periods, especially among children, has been linked to the rising cases of nearsightedness and myopia progression. This is partly due to the devices’ illuminated screens which tend to be more demanding than printed books. Therefore other than having eye tests regularly conducted, you need to be careful about the time spent on digital devices.

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