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Having great vision care should be a top priority. Many people do not see an eye doctor regularly or some people can’t even afford it. A lot of people neglect their eye care until their vision is so blurred they can’t see a traffic light or they are having more serious issues with their eyes. An eye exam is more than just checking to see if you need glasses, it can also tell whether or not you could be at risk for multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart diseases. Here is what most eye exams consist of:

– A test to check for blind spots in your peripheral vision. Blind spots can start from glaucoma or other eye diseases.
– A glaucoma test to measure the pressure inside your eyes.
– A test to check your eye muscles and their ability to rotate and coordinate properly.
– A retinal exam to look at the back of your eye, including the optic disk, retina, and underlying layer of the blood vessels.
– An exam to check the lens, iris, cornea, and anterior chamber of the eye.
– A pupil dilation that will enlarge your pupils which makes it easier for the Doctor to examine your eyes.

It’s important not only to have your annual eye examination, but also to continue great vision care on a daily basis. A few tips like staying away from harmful UV rays, wearing the proper lenses, and wearing protective eye wear during work and sporting events that take place outside. Your eyes are a very important part of your body- they are the way we see this world and make our communications.

If you don’t have a suitable eye doctor, come see us today at Eyewear Unlimited for the proper vision care and treatments! We’ve been locally owned and operated for 30 years now!

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