Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care You Can Trust

We use our eyesight every single day to perform tasks and be as productive as we can possibly be. Fortunately, there are services available that can help you improve your eyesight in the event that it begins to deteriorate. What's more, there is a family eye care optometrist in Columbus that is here to assist your entire family whenever they need optical care. Eyewear Unlimited in Columbus, GA is your optometrist to help you overcome your vision problems. Let's take a closer look at the services that we provide for your family whenever you need eye care.


A Professional Eye Exam

Receiving a professional eye exam is important for maintaining your optical health. Your optical pediatrics specialist will be able to provide your child with a valuable eye exam that will be able to help determine their eye health. We utilize the latest and great innovations in the industry that will be able to help determine you and your child's eye health. 

Pediatrics in Eye Care

The next step that we will take is determining the best course of action whenever it comes to finding the right solution for your child's vision problems. We offer a variety of services that can help them improve their vision if they are suffering from problems. Let's take a look at some of the services that we offer and what you can expect.

Contact Lenses and Glasses

Sometimes you need contact lenses and glasses in order to improve your vision. Fortunately, we will take the measurements we received during your child's eye exam and use them to find the best pair for them. This will help them improve their vision on a daily basis utilizing the latest optical technology on the market.


LASIK surgery is a great way to reshape the cornea and allow light to enter the eye appropriately. Some people need more assistance than glasses and contacts and therefore require LASIK surgery. We can provide this service for you or your child in the event that a safe surgery is required.

Eye Training

One of the simplest procedures available is eye training. We can help strengthen your vision by utilizing various eye exercises in our offices. These exercises are perfectly safe and will help correct your child's vision without the need for vision aids or surgery.

Your Optometrist in Columbus

Eyewear Unlimited in Columbus, GA has you covered whenever you need eye care services for your family. Be sure to give us a call today at 706-324-2073 to schedule your appointment with us. One of our eye care specialists will be ready to answer the phone and provide you with information on how we can help you.