Eye Wear- What is right for you?

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If you need glasses, the type of frame you choose is important. First, the frames should compliment your face. Second, the frames you choose should be stylish and compliment your style. You will be wearing your eye wear daily and at Eye Wear Unlimited, we want you to be happy and feel comfortable with your selection. Here are some questions that should be addressed when choosing the right eye wear for you:

What is your face shape? You can have a round, oval, diamond, square, or heart shaped face. This is important when selecting your frames. Some frames fit shaped better than others. Selecting the right frames can bring out the prominent features in your face and compliment your face shape. At Eye Wear Unlimited, we can help you choose the right style depending on your face shape.

Do I have an active lifestyle? There are different types of eye wear to select from if you are active. We can make sure you have glasses that look good and also suit your active lifestyle by offering eye wear with a scratch resistant coating. We also offer Ultraviolet 400 protection which also protects your eye from exposure of the suns rays.

What does my eye wear say about me? Your glasses can be used to express your personal style. We offer many brands and different styles to help you showcase your individual style but still enhance your vision. We also offer different colors for different skin tones. You can choose a more serious style that you may want to wear to work or something fun that you may want to wear on the weekends.

At Eye Wear Unlimited, we want to ensure that you get the eye wear that best suits you. We have a knowledgeable staff here to guide you in the right direction when selecting your eye wear. We want you to look your best and feel great while wearing your glasses.

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