Pediatric Eye Care

Eye Care For Kids: What Our Pediatric Eye Doctor Wants You To Know

You may be wondering when it's time to bring your child into the family eye doctor to get a vision screening. At Eyewear Unlimited, we provide eye exams to children as young as six months old. It's never too soon to start taking care of your child's eye health. Let's talk about why vision care matters for your child.

Eye Care For Kids

Infant Eye Screening 

While it may seem early, it's important to bring your baby in for a vision screening. By checking your baby's eyes early, our pediatric eye doctor is able to screen for any degenerative vision conditions. The earlier many eye conditions are caught, the higher the success rate for treatment. We're able to use visual preference cards to screen your baby for visual acuity, even though they are far too young to read letters off of a chart. We're also able to use light to check for pupil responsiveness and check how well your baby is able to track objects. 

Kids Eye Exams

By age three, most kids are able to effectively communicate during a visual acuity test. We recommend bringing your child in for a vision exam before they start preschool, and again when it's time for them to start kindergarten. During a pediatric eye exam, we're doing more than making sure your child can see well. We're also checking for accurate eye teaming skills, eye movement skills, and focusing skills. Each exam also gives our family eye doctor a chance to screen your child for eye conditions. It's important to note that your child doesn't need to be able to read letters off of a chart in order to have their vision tested. We provide symbols and shapes to allow kids of all ages to communicate how well the can see. 

Please call our office right away if a school vision screening has you concerned about your child's vision. Academic performance can go downhill quickly when a child is not able to see. We'll work with you to ensure that your child gets the vision help they need. If your child needs glasses or contacts, we have a wide range of options in our office.

Call Our Optometrist In Columbus

Ready to set up your child's first eye exam? At Eyewear Unlimited, we'll help your child feel comfortable and confident while getting their eyes checked. When you call, please mention if you've been asked to seek further care after a school vision screening. Call our Columbus office at 706-324-2073. We look forward to providing you and your family with premium eye care.