If you have only worn glasses in the past, and you are thinking about trying contact lenses in the future, you may wonder what the process entails. The first step necessary to obtain contact lenses is to make an appointment at Eyewear Unlimited in Columbus to meet with our optometrist. Here is a rundown of what you can expect during this session.

Your Eyes Will Be Checked For Difficulties

Our optometrist will do a complete evaluation of your eye health to check for any medical problems that may need to be tended to before you can wear contact lenses. If a problem is found, our practitioner will provide you with recommendations regarding healing or vision correction. The assessment of your eye health consists of noninvasive tests including a vision screening. This will determine your prescription strength.

During a contact lens exam, you will also need to have your eyes measured so your contact lenses do not slide away from your irises once you place them in your eyes. This is done by looking into an apparatus while our optometrist looks at your eyes from the other side of the equipment.

You Will Be Provided With A Set Of Contact Lenses

We will provide you with a sample pair of contact lenses in your prescription strength for you to try on and take home with you. One of our staff members will provide you with instructions on how to place the lenses in your eyes and how to take them back out at the end of the day. You will also be given a demonstration of the care and cleaning of your lenses so that they do not cause eye problems or damage to the lenses themselves.

A Follow-Up Appointment May Be Necessary

First-time contact lens wearers may need to come back to our office for a post-examination appointment. Our optometrist will ask you about your vision when you wear your lenses, how you are caring for them while you are at home, and whether you are experiencing any problems with your lenses.

If you are having eye dryness, you may need to limit the number of hours that you wear your lenses until you become used to them. Lubricating eye drops can also be used to help keep your eyes from drying when you wear your lenses. If your vision is not up to par, another examination to check your vision strength may be necessary at this time.

Call Eyewear Unlimited Today!

Give Eyewear Unlimited in Columbus a call as the first step in obtaining new contact lenses. To set up an appointment or to find out more information about examinations, reach out to our practice by calling us at (706) 324-2073!