Contact Lenses Provided by an Optometrist in Columbus, GA

Contact lenses provide a variety of benefits to wearers, such as convenience and their cost to replace. Not to mention, they’re aesthetically more appealing for some individuals. If you’ve never had a contact lens exam before, it only slightly differs from an eyeglass examination. At Eyewear Unlimited, serving Columbus, GA, and the surrounding region, we conduct a vision screening, provide the fitting, and help you decide on the best type of contacts for you.

Visual Acuity Exam

The first part of your contact lens exam is your visual acuity test. During this exam, our optometrist uses a phoropter, which is the machine that you look in to see lines of letters. Our optometrist has you read the line you see the clearest to determine your vision. Our eye doctor will perform this test on both of your eyes.

Next, you undergo screening for astigmatism using a different machine. You look into the lens and determine which one of each image you’re shown is clearer. Based on the results, our optometrist determines if you have astigmatism as well as how severe your astigmatism is. Based on your results, you may need toric lenses or ones specific for astigmatism to optimize your vision.

Eye Health Test

Another portion of your examination consists of our eye care physician performing testing to ensure the health of your eyes. You’ll need to have applanation tonometry performed, which is a test that consists of a machine blowing a puff of air into your eye. It measures the pressure if your eye, which can help our optometrist detect glaucoma. Our optometrist will evaluate the back portion of your eye by having you look into a specialized magnifying glass to evaluate your retina. You may have other testing if you have health concerns like diabetes.

Contact Lens Fitting

The final portion of your exam for contact lenses is the fitting. You look into a machine that gathers information about the size of your eyes. This test determines the diameter of your eyes, which is the distance from one side of your pupil to the other.

Getting Your Contacts

Based on all the results of your examination, we’ll give you a prescription for contacts that will allow you to see clearly and address certain eye issues. We have a stock of contacts in different prescriptions at our office. If we don’t have yours, will have to order them for you to pick them up when they arrive.

For more information on contact lenses or to request an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (706) 324-2073!