Eyewear Unlimited Offers Progressive Lenses

As you age, the natural lenses inside your eyes become increasingly resistant to being stretched, which results in difficulty focusing vision at different distances. This condition is known as presbyopia, and it affects almost all people over the age of forty. Traditionally the onset of presbyopia meant needing to obtain bifocals, but today, you can obtain progressive lenses that do the work of bifocal or even trifocal glasses without the line across the front of the lens. At Eyewear Unlimited, our Optometrist helps residents of the Columbus metro area get progressive lens that improve their ability to see near and far without the annoyance of obstructive lines across their vision.

Solving Many Problems with Progressive Glasses

Progressive lenses combine corrections for multiple visual distances all in one lens. Typically, they address the distance viewing field of vision using the lens’s upper portion and the near vision viewing field in the lower portion, as this works best for most people.

Make Them Guess Your Age

Traditional bifocal or trifocal glasses feature a visible line across the center of their lenses. Good old-fashioned bifocals have become a telltale sign of age. They become common among the more than 40 years old set. One of the great things about progressive lenses is the lack of visible lines separating the two or three fields of vision. There’s also nothing to block the view of your eyes through the glasses. It also means everyone will just have to guess your age. Everyone will still perceive you as wearing the same eyeglasses as those in their 20s or 30s.

Simply See Better

Some people have problems with traditional bifocals. The lens lines dividing the vision fields distract them and actually serve to obstruct their vision. Progressive glasses avoid that. No lines means no distractions.

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We can’t wait to help you to see better. Come visit Eyewear Unlimited in Columbus, OH, today. Let our optometrist help you determine your eyeglasses prescription and cut and shape the perfect glasses for you. You’ll be able to see more clearly near and far with progressive lenses. Our $25 eye exam gets you your progressive glasses prescription. Our buy one, get one free pair of glasses promotion applies to progressive glasses, too.

Don’t wait. Grab your pair of progressive glasses today. In fact, grab two pairs for the price of one. Let Eyewear Unlimited in Columbus, OH, help you see better today with progressive lens.

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